Civil disputes

Attorneys of “Tarasiuk, Ihnatiuk and Partners” Lawyer bureau provide legal assistance in conducting civil disputes.

Attorneys conduct civil cases in the following dispute categories:

  1. Family disputes:
  • dissolution of marriage in court;
  • division of marital property;
  • disputes over upbringing of children;
  • establishment of paternity;
  • disputing paternity;
  • drawing up and approval of agreement for child upbringing and support procedure;
  • drawing up marriage contract;
  • invalidation of marriage contract fully or partially;
  • annulment of marriage;
  • recovery of alimony;
  • reduction of alimony;
  • determining the children’s place of residence with one of the parents;
  • deprivation of paternal rights, etc.
  1. housing disputes:
  • making changes to residential lease agreement (determination of the procedure for use of dwelling premises);
  • division of property owned in common;
  • about recognition of the right to use dwelling premises;
  • recognition of lost use of dwelling premises;
  • forced exchange;
  • allocation of share in ownership of dwelling premises;
  • invalidation of real estate sale, exchange, rental contracts;
  • eviction on various grounds, etc.
  1. property rights protection cases:
  • reclamation of property from another’s adverse possession;
  • protection of interests of a good-faith purchaser;
  • protection of the owner from actions not related to dispossession;
  • declaration of ownership;
  • allocation of share in the right to property, etc.
  1. inheritance cases:
  • drawing up of a will and opening of inheritance counseling;
  • making a complaint against notarial actions and refusal to commit them, including against the refusal of a notary to issue certificate of inheritance rights;
  • filing a claim about extension of the period for acceptance of inheritance;
  • application for admission of a fact of entry into inheritance after expiration of the period for its acceptance;
  • division of inheritance property;
  • recognition of the will invalid;
  • restoration of the missed time limit of acceptance of inheritance, etc.
  1. cases about invalidation of real estate transactions;
  2. cases about recovery of money received under loan agreement, receipt;
  3. disputes on agreements for participation in shared construction;
  4. cases about protection of honor, dignity and business reputation;
  5. cases about restitution of an unjust enrichment;
  6. disputes on compensation for damage in the result of road traffic accidents (RTA);
  7. protection of consumers’ rights;
  8. cases subject to special proceedings:
  • establishment of facts of legal significance (kin relationship, acceptance of inheritance)
  • deeming of a citizen to be missing and deceased
  • recognition of a citizen to be partially incapacitated or incapable
  1. cases about complaints against actions (failure to act) of the state bodies, other legal entities.

Legal assistance of the attorney in civil cases includes:

  • legal consulting of the attorney;
  • preparation and filing of the statement of claim, preparation of objections to the claim, and other litigation documents, familiarization of the attorney with documents, litigation of the case;
  • direct participation of the attorney in court sessions;
  • representation of interests in court of cassation;
  • representation of interests in court of supervision;
  • appeal of decision in higher instances.

Attorneys of Brest will provide professional assistance in civil disputes:

You can find frequently asked questions in the field of civil disputes in the section «QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS»


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